Monday, 11/7 – A Door, Baseboard Molding, Windows, and Paint!

Last week was mostly taken over by the floor guys. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, we stayed at yet another home away from home — my mom and dad’s house. We are so lucky they were willing to add five people to their household to help us out! These were school nights, too, so the kids had to take over the kitchen table to get their homework done and lunch bags needed to be unpacked, Thermoses washed, etc. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for their hospitality.

Our wandering ways are over now, though, and we have beautiful floors. Also, if you’re ever having your hardwood floors redone, try to find someone with this “dustless” system. We didn’t end up with sawdust everywhere, or even anywhere. They did put up plastic, but there was plastic when the plaster guys came too and we’re still finding plaster dust on things.

The big items of the house project are complete; we’re down to smaller carpentry work. Today Jamie and Mario came to wind things down. Just a word on timing: the contract with our builders estimated job completion for sixteen weeks after foundation signoff. Today was eleven weeks after the start of the entire project and there’s very little left to do. It’s the opposite of a cautionary tale about a house project!

Mario installed my sewing room door and its trim. A minor crisis was averted when I heard that the door should swing into the sewing room when in fact it should swing into the bedroom so I don’t end up with wasted “behind the door” space in the cozy (i.e. smallish) sewing room. In the bedroom, the door will open just a bit over 90 degrees; no furniture could go along that wall anyway, so there’s no real waste. There’s no handle on the door yet, but that’s the easy part.

Baseboard molding was added to the new rooms. It looks very good, adding a real finished look to things. It’s pre-primed white, like the window trim in the new rooms, to help make painting a bit easier.

There have been little packets of screws in each window since the windows went in. Jamie had said to leave them there and they’ll be put to use later. I’m not sure the purpose of these screws, because we’ve been using the windows for a while now, but they must have one. So today, their time has come — Mario started putting them into the windows.

So that’s a door, baseboard trim, and windows. The “paint” part of the title was mostly me with some help from Chris. We are now able to move furniture onto the floors and we would love to put the TV back on the wall of the older part of the family room and move the TV table (with all the electronics) back where it was.

However, we’ll be painting the entire family room so it looks consistent and we have to paint part of the ceiling in the old part — there’s new plaster there since they cut away the bay window and had to put in a new beam. It wouldn’t make sense to put our TV and TV table back and then have to paint around it, so getting this part of the family room painted is a priority.

Last night I prepared a bit and today, I painted! I used a brush to paint primer (Kilz2) on the edges of the ceiling and then, rolled on the primer. There are decorative beams across the ceiling so I was able to break up the rolling job into three parts without leaving a weird edge to dry. I don’t love painting, and for some reason my thighs hurt (I seem to do a weird rocking motion that uses muscles I don’t normally use), but it looks decent. I know because Chris would tell me if it didn’t!

Chris also painted Kilz2 on a red spot on the current family room wall which we think is sap coming through, as well as on some other spots. One coat wasn’t enough to keep that red spot down, so I repainted that later. The second coat seems to have done it, which is a relief. That red spot has bothered me for years.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some color on the family room wall – first coat! Our builders will be here tomorrow to install the first built-in if it’s ready. Otherwise Wednesday is likely. I’d really love to have painted before the built-ins and baseboard molding went in everywhere, but when the floors were scheduled for last week (and the prior Friday), that sort of ruined our painting schedule. But at least painting has restarted now!

I’ve reread this post and it has some clunky transitions (or lack of transitions), but better a clunky post than no post at all, I’m hoping.