Wednesday, 10/26 – Gutters and Flooring and Scheduling, Oh, My!

We have gutters! They go into PVC piping that routes the water behind the house where we want it to go. I don’t think our leaf guards came in yet, but it’s very exciting to have gutters. When we moved here, most of the house didn’t have gutters. There were wires that hung off the roof like waves (VVVVVVVV) that you were supposed to turn on when it snowed to avoid ice dams (we did not avoid them last winter) but I don’t know what that was going to do for rain.

Our inspector way back when recommended removing the wires and adding gutters, but…we never did. When it rained, the rain just poured off the roof. The moisture stayed near the house, last year resulting in basement flooding. So seeing a whole system of gutters on our side is a wonderful thing.

The floor guys were back and they finished the back room. The “wedge” turned out to be fine. There are small differences between how the boards lie along the wall but they aren’t especially noticeable and when the baseboard trim is on it would take a very picky expert to see it. We definitely made the right decision! They also did a little bit of sanding between the new and old floor to try to get an idea of how it will look; “great” is the answer! Tomorrow they will do the sewing room. It’s a small room so I don’t expect it will take the whole day.

Early in the day we talked about the schedule for the sanding and finishing of the hardwood floors. We don’t love how it worked out, but it’s been scheduled for this Friday, next Tuesday, and next Thursday. This means we have to clear the floor of the current family room by Friday morning — everything out! Then it will need to stay cleared until three days after the final coat which is Monday, 11/7! That’s a long time for us to be without our family room! We also will have to be out of the house (it’s supposed to be give-you-headache-smelly) twice because of the gap between the first and second coats. The company could have done Friday, Monday, and Wednesday (or was it Thursday), but…come on!

Monday is Halloween! We have three children and plans to trick-or-treat with one or two other children. We can’t pack up and be gone for Halloween, one of the most important holidays of the year, according to my daughter. She thinks Halloween and the day after Halloween should be a vacation day. Children need to finalize their outfits on Halloween! The next day, they need to sleep late, sort through their candy, and try to make the very best trades possible.

So Friday, Tuesday, Thursday it is. We already have our weekend get-away planned (thanks S & D). And if your name is “Mom/Grandma,” you might want to think about if you can handle some guests next week…


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