Another Sneak Peek

Apologies for not getting the day-to-day updates in here. At the moment, my big push (beyond ferrying the kids places and doing whatever needs to be done for the house project) is working on a quilt that’s due on 10/14.

But I thought I’d stop in and give you a few interior pictures. Following is a picture of the back area from what will be some added-on family room space looking toward the dining room at the end. This was when the bay window was still there; it’s gone now with a plastic wall in the same place, but my pictures aren’t in the right place to show you. Someone in a hazmat suit is actually doing the insulation even as I type, and the wiring and housing for the electrical plugs and lights is done as well the plumbing for the baseboard heating.

Day 19, DR at end

From the dining room end looking down at the family room add-on. The end there will have some built-ins; I met with the designer this morning to discuss those. It’s exciting to be able to design all this rather than just making do with whatever came with the house. Again, that bay window is out of there now and a lot more has been done with this space.

Following are a few pictures of the sewing room. It’s not a huge room (the exterior is10′ X 15′) but for a dedicated sewing room it’s huge and I think the tall ceiling makes it seem more spacious. This room has changed now also; the door has been cut through, it’s wired for plugs and lighting, and we no longer have a pipe in that space!

Day 18 Sewing Room, looking at front window

Day 18 Sewing Room, side of house

I do intend to go back and systematically detail the project day by day, but until that happens, the occasional sneak peek will have to do! Life is a bit crazy here but we’re thrilled at how quickly things are moving along. The builders are estimating they’ll be done around the first week of November. Even if it takes a bit longer than that, we only started on August 22, so it’s going very well.


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