Day 9, 9/9 – Sun and the “Deck”

Fitting boards over the metal posts

After a holiday (Labor Day) and three days of rain, we finally had a decent day. It took a while for the sun to come out, but there wasn’t a drop of rain! Our workers made up for lost time – I think we had six of them and boy, did they get a lot done.

They started out with strings again, which seemed to have something to do with getting things straight. They put a strip of foam down on the concrete and put a board over that. They drilled holes in the board so it fit right onto the metal poles sticking up from the concrete.

See the marks where the joists will fit?

Then another board was attached, lying on its edge. I think that would be a girder, although I’m not that sure about the terminology. Then joists were laid between that board and the house. Each board was carefully placed and sometimes had to have a bit more shaved off to fit just right. Once all the joists were laid and nailed, they added short boards between the joists (bridging, I think), staggered in placement.

They were meticulous in placing the joists

They put 4′ X 8′ sheets of AdvanTech flooring down and fit them just right. They also glued the flooring to the joists. We should have a nice quiet floor. Hardwood will go over all of this eventually.

They left the bay window as is for now so our family room isn’t disrupted yet. The deck is fitted right around the bottom of the bay window. At some point they’ll build a temporary wall in the family room so they can take off the window and work on a new beam overhead to support the slightly changed opening.

This bay window juts out of the current family room

It’s much easier now to envision how the new area will look, now that we have a basic floor in place. It was a real thrill to go out on the “deck” and imagine the dining room and then turn around and imagine the extended family room. And how amazing a transformation in just nine days of work!

Dining room at the end, extended family room in the foreground

You can see the bridging from underneath. This is the new garage bay

Here's my arty shot - my brother the artist has nothing to fear

Looking at a side view of the exterior, it looks like there are two layers on the metal rods


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