Interlude, 9/7 – More Rain, a Little Work, and Different Machines

Today brought more rain so I didn’t expect to see any workers, but they showed up a bit later than usual and tried to get a bit done in the rain. I’m not sure exactly what they did, although I saw string being held along the top of the basement walls. The next thing they’re planning to do is put on the “deck,” i.e. the floor of the 1st floor and then frame the 1st floor addition, so I imagine the string had something to do with that.

The other thing they did was cover most of the lumber, so I guess there was some  amount of concern about the lumber getting too wet. Our workers didn’t stick around for too long, but I could tell they’d love to have some nice weather so they can get the addition framed in.

Sometime in the afternoon, Ronnie our backhoe driver showed up, which I found very peculiar – what in the world was he going to be able to do? He extricated the backhoe from its place in the backyard – a dumpster on one side, lumber on another, and just a thin path between a dogwood tree and a pile of discarded rotted deck that my brother helped Chris pull off last year. The pile of junk got a bit crushed and the grass looked worse than usual, but he got it out of there without harming the dogwood.

Our new machines, parked next to the roof shingles.

And what came to our house instead? A couple of other machines. Kathryn thinks the little aqua and purplish one is cute; Scott thinks its colors are very funny.

I think these will be used for the more delicate work of digging the French drains at the front of the house. There isn’t be a lot of room to maneuver past the single-story section of the house and into the front yard.


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