Day 8, 9/2 – Filling, Back-filling, and French drains

I was actually away on Day 8 so I’m not very sure what went on! I was at my nephew’s wedding in San Francisco, which was just wonderful all around. I was a bit sad to miss two days of work, but as it turned out, they could only work one of the days (I don’t remember why that is…maybe the cement was still drying the first day?) and that was a light day, so I didn’t miss too much.

Three PVC pipes of varying heights along back wall

They put three PVC pipes in the ground along the back which I’m told has to do with the French drain that will be put in to try to avoid flooding when we get a lot of rain at once.

I also know, since Chris took a picture of it, that Ronnie greased the backhoe.

Backhoe maintenance

Also on Day 8, the space around the new basement walls were back-filled with the proper material needed and dirt and gravel were put in the new basement so it’s at the right level for the basement floor, which will be poured whenever the cement truck comes back.


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