Day 7, 8/31 – Basement Walls and Concrete Cutting

By 6:30 AM, two workers had started to take out the nails and braces holding the wall forms together.

Inner forms already removed; loosening outer forms

They loosened and removed the forms and broke off the metal poles (still poking out in the picture below), leaving a basement wall on top of the footings.

Two men came from a “concrete cutting” company. I would never have thought there’d be a separate company just to cut concrete, but it made sense once we saw their tools! They were there to break through the original garage wall to be able to access the new garage.

Setting up for concrete cutting

They started by boring holes at the top corners of the door and attaching a big frame with a saw onto the outside of the house.

Scary big saw blade!

I believe they made two cuts from the bottom up, but I’m not sure the order of the cuts across (top and bottom) compared to the vertical ones. When they were all done, they pushed it out into the new basement area. Look at that clean cut! That saw blade is super-scary to me — I wouldn’t get anywhere near something like that!

While the concrete cutting was going on, a few of the workers were painting the outside concrete wall with moisture guard (the black stuff) wherever dirt will touch the concrete.

Keeping the foundation safe from moisture

After the concrete cutters were gone, our workers covered up the opening with plywood so no one (or no creature) can wander in.

Open but now blocked off


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