Day 5, 8/29 – Digging a Hole and Putting in Footings

Day 5 was very productive!

This makes me think of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel

Our backhoe driver started digging bright and early until they had a hole a bit bigger all around than it needed to be. They dug around the septic pipe; that will be moved later in the project to hug the walls, but for a while it will go right through the new garage/basement.

Digging near the old wall had to be done by hand to reach it and to get it just right. Delicate digging for the corner of the footings You want a straight dirt wall to build against, but you don’t want to dig under the current wall because its weight is on that dirt! After they had the hole how they wanted it, they put down gravel and laid down boards to create a frame for the footings.

Gravel poured where footings will be.

They poured concrete into the frames, shoveled it where they wanted, and smoothed it out. They made a wide line down the middle; it seems this will help hold the walls in place. When dry, these wide strips will be our footings.

There are no footings under the current basement wall. We don’t know if that was normal building practice of the late 70s, but what definitely isn’t up to standards is this end being only four inches under ground level. This isn’t sufficient at all which is why our builders needed to dig down a number of extra feet at this end — for the layperson, it looks like a very odd structure for the footings! The slope of the land requires this odd jog in the footings

The footings were left to dry overnight; we were pretty amazed at the difference one day of work made!


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