Interlude 8/26 – 8/28 – Waiting for inspection + Irene

After the septic system was all set, it would need to be inspected. Inspection was set for Monday, so we had a break in the work on Friday, 8/26; Jamie came for a little while to check on things, but that was it.

We also talked about the timing of next week – on Wednesday 8/31 they will break a doorway through the current garage into the new garage area. We would need to clear all around the place that doorway will go. Oh, the things that were stuffed in that corner! — A tall glass-door cabinet that will go into my sewing room (after painting it to be more my style), snowshoes and many other things hanging from pegboard, plywood, boxes of various stuff that Chris still thinks need sorting through (pretty sure we don’t need those Wired magazines from the 90s), etc.

We also had hurricane/tropical storm Irene coming to our area; we did what we could to prepare for that on Saturday, then started clearing the garage area. Part of Sunday was spent getting through the tropical storm – part of a tree came down on our wires in the morning, but didn’t affect our power. We lost power about a half-hour later from some other problem and were fortunate to get it back about 10 hours later – before the kids even went to bed!

All told, some of the black paper may have ripped off the house and beyond the tree on the wires, we lost one other large tree and another small tree next to it. The small tree came down on our shed and harmed the roof a bit. I have some pictures but am having trouble getting to those; I will try to add them later.

We felt fortunate to have gotten off so easy considering we had large equipment, a dumpster full of house debris, and a big pile of gravel in our backyard! Goodnight, Irene!


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