Day 4, 8/25 – Septic Hook-Up

An administrative aside – I’ve been writing blog posts when I (or really Chris) get the pictures together which sometimes means it’s been a few days since the work. I’ll be changing that and writing the text of the blog post at the end of each day when the work is fresh in my mind. Then I’ll add pictures when they’re ready and post. As I write this, we’re actually on Day 6, so expect Day 4 & 5 to be a little fuzzy in the descriptions!

The bottom of the septic tank is put into the ground

Today was spent putting in the new septic tank and distribution box and getting them hooked up to the house and working together.

Double-sided sticky tape is placed on the edges

We weren’t able to use the toilets until that all happened. I can’t remember what time we got the use of the toilets back. We were very glad when it happened, though!

Before this project, we knew where the septic tank was (underneath the porch support!) but I didn’t know much more than that. I didn’t even realize the septic tank was a big cement box!

The tank is currently hooked up with a straight pipe from the house which would be in the path in the new basement. This will be changed later to go around the edge of the basement.

The top of the septic tank is moved into place

Hooking up the distribution box

The distribution box, all hooked up


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