Day 3 – Removing the porch and prepping for the septic work

This was a really big day for us with a lot of changes! Three workers came: Jamie, Mario, and Ronnie who operates the backhoe.

They made short work of pulling off the back porch. Ronnie used the backhoe to basically take a big bite and then pull. After a few pulls on the left side, he did the same on the right. The porch collapsed rather quickly and then it was a matter of breaking it up a bit to get it into the dumpster. I’m hoping we can post a video once we figure out the best way to do that. After the porch was cleared away, the boards from the porch wall were removed. That wall wasn’t Tyvek’d; it will end up being the interior wall or the dining room.

7:38 AM

7:39 AM

8:15 AM

The other big thing that was supposed to happen today was moving the septic tank; the back porch had been built on top of it by previous owners. That would never pass inspection now! Also, the Title V inspection indicated the distribution tank needed replacing. After looking at it and talking a bit, we decided to replace the septic tank rather than attempting to move it. Moving a 34-year-old tank seemed penny-wise but pound-foolish.

Because of the septic work, we couldn’t use the toilets after about 8 AM; we had to use the porta-potty until the tank was replaced, hopefully on Day 4. We were able to use water, though, thank goodness! The old septic tank was dug up and a hole was dug for the new tank far enough from the house that hopefully no one will build a porch on it ever again!

Remember that I mentioned here that we had a lot of trees cut down last year in preparation for this project? There had been one tree right by a corner of the back porch; we had left it as a stump projecting maybe six inches out of the ground, like the tip of the iceberg. Behold the rest of the iceberg!

As an aside, I’ve been wondering how the neighboring wildlife might be affected by our project. I was happy to see that at least one of our resident woodchucks seemed to have no problem with it!

Day 4 should bring our new septic tank, distribution box, and anything else they need to get the septic system back up. We’ll all be glad of that.


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