Day 2 – Fixing and Tyvek

I was out of the house early on Day 2 for a doctor’s appointment, so I didn’t see much of it. We had 2 workers (Jamie and Mario) and apparently Jen, the designer, stopped by to double-check some window sizes. When I was getting home, Jamie was leaving, but Mario stayed for a while.

I think they only needed to wrap this - no fixing

A lot of work was waiting on the backhoe driver who could come on Day 3. The main event on Day 2 was that some of the house was wrapped in Tyvek.

There was one really bad spot in the clapboard that Chris had started to fix at one point (or mostly just covered up to protect it from the elements); there was a lot of rot which birds had picked at. I noticed that area was covered in Tyvek — they’d already fixed that spot and wrapped it!The rotted area to the left of the window is all fixed now!

The bulk of the work today was done on Views 1 – 3, the back and right sides of the house.


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