Day 1 – Prep back porch; siding removal

Three workers showed up on 8/22, the 1st day — Jamie (co-owner of the building company), Tyler (his son), and Mario. Jamie said not much would happen in the first few days because the backhoe driver wouldn’t be available until Wednesday. They proceeded to show us what a builder considers “not much happening.”

They got the back porch ready for demolishing, taking off the sliding (4) and fixed (6) glass doors, removing fixtures, and cutting through most of the walls attaching it to the house. They stripped about a foot of the ceiling to reach roof shingles (and in one spot, through the shingles). The porch will be pulled off the house early on Day 3; Day 1 work has set that up to be an easy job, like the ever-so-loose tooth a kid has been twisting for days — just a tug will probably do it.

This 3-season back porch, badly designed and too hot during summer days, will be removed entirely to make way for a back addition.

They also started pulling off clapboards to see how much rot we had. The great news was that as bad as it looked, the frame of the house  actually doesn’t have a lot of rot. What a relief.

The back (View 1) and right side (View 2) of the house were most affected on this day.

By the very end of the day, the dumpster was delivered and our first day of this much-anticipated project was complete. I suppose we’ll tire of having the house in this state of change, but for now, I can only be thrilled that we have finally begun the journey to a house that will be a much better home for us.

The dumpster is delivered!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Prep back porch; siding removal

  1. Love the blog! I will stop by around 1 today on my way between Holliston and Westwood to see how Day 3 is progressing – see you soon, Steve

  2. Melanie–I’ll definitely be following along! You may end up inspiring me to tackle a bathroom renovation project I’ve been postponing ad nauseum. And I won’t rain on your parade….(love the reference to my favorite song from Funny Girl!)

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